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who we are

Shea light enterprise is a local business that started in the beautiful island of Trinidad and Tobago , the company makes all natural base products . Started by endless effort to created a product line that works for all different skin colours and helps give results of a more even skin tone.


Our natural products are made with the best ingredients from around the world . All our products are made and created with every person in mind and our products are made with love and care for the environment .

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Stella’s Secret Super Hair Growth Food


Stella was our great grandmother born a free slave in Trinidad. She lived to the age of 97 years. Stella hand made her own hair food product in her kitchen using only natural ingredients from her back-yard garden.


This formula was passed down from generation to generation. The great grandchildren of Stella aka "MOTHER" are happy to share with you. ENJOY!

Aniyla Egyptian formula is our holistic approach to organic cosmetics, our natural organic skin care line has absolutely no chemicals and made with the finest natural ingredients from around the world to give your skin a boost of natural goodness.. try our holistic approach to natural cosmetics.. super food for the skin !